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About Me

  • Director of Evolved Binary

    • UK - Software, Consultancy, Training, and R&D

  • Co-founder and Co-owner of eXist Solutions

    • Germany - TEI Software

  • Software Engineer / Prolific Open Source contributor

  • Enjoys Research and Development

  • Involved in several conference boards and peer-review panels

  • W3C XQuery Working Group - Invited expert

  • Founder of EXQuery group, and creator of RESTXQ

  • Me:


XML | JSON | RDF Graph | Relational

Java | Scala | C++ | JavaScript | TypeScript

Consultancy, Training, Research, and Development


@ Evolved Binary









Evolved Binary Profile

  • Privately Owned, and Self-Bootstrapped

  • UK Registered Ltd Company, founded: April 2014

  • Around 8 FTE staff (unconventional hiring)

    • Growth: 2020 (1 FTE) to 2024 (9 FTE)

  • Fully Remote (UK, Italy, Germany, Algeria, Turkey, Dubai)

  • Specialisms:

    • Database Engines

    • Digital Archiving, and Archival Catalogues

    • Digital Preservation

    • Digital Humanities

    • Digital Publishing

Evolved Binary Customers

Evolved Binary News

  • Training

    • Our own range of Training Courses

    • Highly Customisable to Your Needs

  • Consultancy

    • Lots of Unique Challenges

  • Our Products

    • Elemental

      • Expected v1 launch in Q3/Q4 2024

    • FusionDB

      • Re-alignment with Elemental (in Progress)

      • Expected v2 launch in Q1/Q2 2025

My daily work is much easier after
the complete XML-developer training
from Tomos and Adam.
It was a great joy to attend!

Evolved Binary have proved indispensable in helping us realise the vision we had for our cutting edge software. They are professional, friendly, and exceptionally knowledgeable; a delight to work with

Thank You to the
Organisers of XML Prague

“ We deeply care about the Software Communities and Open Source efforts that we are involved in.

We believe that Conferences such as XML Prague are essential to the XML Community, and we support as many such conferences as possible.

Thank You to all
Attendees of XML Prague

- Adam Retter

XML Prague 2024 - Sponsor Talk

By Adam Retter

XML Prague 2024 - Sponsor Talk

XML Prague @ University of Economics, Prague 2024-06-07

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