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Future of eXist-db

Adam Retter

Markup UK
London 09/06/2018

This Particular Journey Begins in August 2014

Some Things Were Broken!

All Things Can be Fixed

Time to go to War!

Sometimes I Got Lost Along the Way

Some Things Caught Fire

Test ALL The Things

Many Things Were Fixed

Released Today:



  • Complete Rewrite of Locking (1 year)



  • Complete Rewrite of Caching

  • Many improvements for Concurrency/Scalability

  • Lots more...

  • Do NOT use in prouction (just yet)

Very Cool!

But, I am not finished yet...


  • Not everything went into eXist-db!

    • What about those storage problems?

  • My project: "Project Granite"

    • 100% eXist-db API Compatible

    • ACID Transactional

    • Fast consistent, durable storage with Crash Recovery

    • Online instant database snapshots (and backup)

    • eXist-db is just one component

    • Polybase - XML, HTML, and Key/Value. JSON and RDF in development

    • Dual Licensed - Open Source and Commerical

  • Beta Available - Q3 2018!

Things Are Getting Very Exciting!

Project Granite



(with Beer?)